tattoos, amulets, mantra chanting, meditation

Arjahn Spencer Littlewood – tattoos, amulets, Buddhist chanting, Vipassana meditation instruction

Welcome to my personal portfolio – I am active in Singapore in three various subjects.
Apart from my main profession of Tattooing (both modern and sak yant traditional Buddhist Yantra tattoos, I will also be involved with the distribution of various Thai Buddhist Amulets, and also will be publishing Thai Theravada Buddhist teachiings and documents in English for students of Buddhist devotional practise (such as mantra chanting and methods of revering deities), as well as assisting Arjahn David Mak (Singaporean Ruesi spiritual advisor and meditation instructor) in the teaching of correct prasctise of Theravada Buddhism, Vipassana mindfulness and Samatha meditation methods at his office here in Singapore.

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~ by Ajarn Spencer on July 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “tattoos, amulets, mantra chanting, meditation”

  1. Hi spencer,

    i wish to rent two amulets of LP thuad as donation for free food hall. i m touch by looking at the photo where the monk fixing me n let me know how i can send the donation n also for the expenses for u to send it to me. thks. i from malaysia.

    • Ok i am emailing you.. thanks very much for your support thats very nice of you – the amulets will bring you also much pleasure and also protection. They are now already very rare i can’t imagine how hard it will be to get one in the future, as only about one thousand were made.

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