Buddhist Monk and Ruesi

In 2009 iwas ordained for a period as a Bhikkhu in the Buddhasasana (Buddhist monk), and traveled on Tudong  from temple to temple and in forest practising Vipassana kammathana mindfulness meditation. I also continued my studies in kata, and swod montr (Mantra  chanting and prayer chanting),  and amulet making. Before this, i had been studying sak yant and amulet making as well as Buddha magic at the samnak fo Ruesi Por Gae Dta Fai (Ajarn Thoy Dabos) at Wat Tong Nai temple for a period of 2 years, before which i was studying sak yant under my first master the monk Luang Pi Pant. Luang Pi Pant is one of the famous sak yant master Luang Por Phern’s prime students in sak yant magic tattoo since over 30 years. Luang Por Phern was master of Wat bang Pra temple till he passed away some years ago. The new abbot of Wat bang Pra is Luang Por Sam Ang, who is also a good friend of mine.

Above pic; Luang Pi Pant tattooing me some years ago in his current resident temple – Wat koh Poon in Ang Tong Province

I know almost all the tattooist monks of Wat bang Pra due to my studies with LP pant and the fact that i served foreign devotees as their guide and translator to the temple for many years – helping them to communicate their wishes and converse with their particular Ajarns. If you click on each thumbnail in the gallery below to view enlarged you will find that many pictures have an explanation in the form of a small text below each pic.

AAs time goes on i shall be explaining the differences between Buddhist Monk and Ruesi, as myself and Ajarn Mak have both concluded that in Singapore the Ruesi tradition and it’s relationship to both Buddhism, amulet making and Magic are largely falesly understood in Singapore, and we feel the need to make the understanding of the role of the Ruesi in religion, society and magically clear to Singaporean devotees.


3 Responses to “Buddhist Monk and Ruesi”

  1. hi,my i ask somethning??i wanna go wat bang pra 4 sak yant,but i dunno which master is better? in wat bang pra sak yant master got hwlong pi yaa,hwlong pi nan,hwlong pi paew n hwlong po ang izzit??bro can u intro who is da best ??pls e-mail 2 me n lett me know……thanks a lot!!

  2. a bit hard to understand teen singlish but;
    every perso has a different opinion as to who is best
    its a matter of personal chemistry
    ever met a person first time and didnt like him?or m,eet someone and like them straight away?

    its like that – just go there and wander around looking at the different masters tattooing and you will find which one gives you the right feel for your particular needs.
    Be open and have faith that you will find your master

  3. can i recommend trying to not use all this “izzit, dunno wazzat Bro” etc?
    It makes a person sound like some dumbbo with no education
    You learn correct english in Singapore, why dont you speak it?
    It is so crude to speak in this slangy talk, and is absolutely disrespectful to the Sak yant tradition to talk abvout sak yant as if you were some hip hop crackdealer in LA
    i mean to say “lp Ang izzit?” wow you are referring to the abbot of Wat bang Pra as if he was your local dancing partner.

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