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To update my information for those interested in reaching me for tattoos, i shall soon be tattooing out of both professional tattoo studio and the samnak of Ruesi Ajarn Mak (in the moment i am still making only private appointments at home for custom tattoos. As far as Professional studios are concerned i should hopefully be starting at Primitive Tattoo in Far east Plazasoon also. It is also possible that i may be doing some guest spots in a s new studio soon to open in Chinatown

The Samnak of Ajarn mak is moving to Jalan Limbok from the current location in Alexandra, – after the move has been completed i shall begin to install my things for making sak-yant (machine or hand made) and also Thai Mythological tattoos (machine made). As well as tattooing i shall be conducting Vipassana mindfulness meditation classes beginning with Anapanasathi and leading up to practical Jhana absorbtion methods. Dhamma classes are also planeed. If i have time i was thinking of making Khom lessons (reading and writing Khmer Sanskrit) for private tutelage if there are interested parties..

inside the Ruesi heritage in Alexandra  where i shall be appearing - we are in the process of moving to the new location this month

inside the Ruesi heritage in Alexandra where i shall be appearing - we are in the process of moving to the new location this month


~ by Ajarn Spencer on September 6, 2009.

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  1. Hey I’m a teacher in South Korea right now and I was really wanting a Sak Yant tattoo and Singapore is a lot closer than Thailand. I was wondering if you are still located in Singapore and if I could get one, and will it be blessed?

    • yes of course it will be blessed.
      You can of course rebless it with an ordained monk depending on your requirements and beliefs.
      Personally i hold to the concept that the real blessings recieved from a Yant are coming from the efforts of the wearer of the yant to keep moral precepts. Keeping the 5 precepts is the real reason that caused the Ruesi and the Bhikkhus to create amulets and magic artefacts in the forst place;
      They saw that the common folk were more interested in some kind of lucky charm or horoscope than in listening to and practising the Buddha Dhamma (which leads to liberation from suffering). So they created amulets and did sak yant – when the devotee would take his amulet or yant with him/her, then the master would say that one thing to keep the magic alive is to keep the 5 precepts, and make merits (such as donations of alms and food to Monks, the poor etc – the practise of any of the ten perfections such as generosity or compassion) – in the end.. whether the amulet or yant has any real inherent magickal power or not is then irrelevant, because the keeping of the five precepts which accompanies ownership of an amulet is the real protection and blessing that will keep the devotee safe from harm.
      Why this? because if you maintain the 5 precepts you will be refraining from any of the actions (karma) which might be causes of future negative effects. This means that you will at least never be reborn in the hell worlds or as a hungry ghost or a demon asura.. you will only be reborn as a human or in the angelic realms. In addition you will always encounter the dhamma and be able to study and practise it further in each life you are reborn in.
      So if you wish a yant and also the real blessings that can be recieved, then bear these facts in mind and try to keep precepts with your yant.
      Of course you will sometimes slip and break a precept.. it happens daily with most of us. But what is important is to say and take them mornings and to make an effort as welll as one can to keep them for periods of time. In time it will become more natural and easier to keep them.
      Some immmediate benefits of keeping the precepts;
      You will sleep soundly like a baby
      be safe from dangerous illnesses with no known scientific cause (such as cancer etc – these diseases come from a mind that is burdened)
      you will feel lighter, happier and find friends easily
      people will look favourably on you.
      when we have a clear conscience (because of the precepts), then the world appears much different… happiness and peace will be in our minds.
      When we make mistakes and do wrong speech wrong action and wrong thought, then our mind gets heavier and dark and gloomy – we can not sleep at night – we can even make ourselves ill.
      the keeping of precepts is the catalyst for YANT magic and the practise of keeping them is the greatest protection we can have not only in life, but also in Death and the hereafter.
      That is the safe haven.

  2. Hello Spencer,

    Where is your studio located? How can I make an appointment for a Gao Yord? I have been searching and searching for someone who can do this in the USA ( I live in Texas).

    Thank you so much,

    • Hi Michael
      Well Singapore is a little far away from USA i am afraid, and thats where i am – I move back to Thailand now in February, so looks dire to get one from me if u r in USA
      Hope you find someone
      Regards Spencer.

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