Tattoos by Spencer

Ramakian Tattoos by Spencer – Koh Lanta, Thailand


Ramakian Tattoo – Thai Mythological and Sak Yant tattoos made hygienically using new needles and autoclave sterilisation.

68 Moo 2 – Lanta Old Town
Tambon Koh Lanta Yai, Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand
Telephone 0886799251

Freehand Thai Mythological tattooing, Original designs only, sterile and hygienic equipment. Ultrasonic cleaner, Autoclave sterilizer.

Sak Yant Sacred Tattooing made Hygienically but according to traditional ceremony (with chanting)

Courses available in learning how to tattoo, read and write Khom Sanskrit, Tagrud Making and other amulets.
I have a sacred Amulet collection for perusal and rental at the premises, which you can view on my blog, or go to the new online shop at Thailand Amulets – Sacred Amulets from Thailand for Wealth, Health, Good Fortune, Love and Happiness

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14 Responses to “Tattoos by Spencer”

  1. What a nice dark angel tattoo, a torn wing, inked on the shoulder in black! It is giving us a feel to fly upwards.



  4. my contact number +6582090320 / +60167634647

  5. Hi,Spencer.I’ve read up lots about your work and i really do like to congratulate you on your passion.I’d like to know is there any Ajarns or monks in Thailand who does Sak Yant in a hyigene way like wearing disposible gloves,using individual ink cups and disposing of the unused portion of ink.I’ve noticed the practice is dipping the needles in a common ink container to be used on all.Another question is,is it possible to get brand new needles for the Sak Yant?Any info would be sincerly appreciated.Thanks

  6. not really much available in the way of sterilization but they do change the sticks regularly.. but they are then soaked in alcohol, which doesn’t really kill all bacteria and virus. The only master able to sterilize was Ajarn Thoy, but unfortunately i had to take the autoclave sterilizer back as i need it for my studio in Koh Lanta now.

    I can make sak yant hygienically of course. I can make with hand or machine but i really prefer to use the machine as it will be more precise, and i find it easier due to having more than a decademore experience in this technique.

    Although somemasters maintain thast it has to be done with the spike, i believe this is only for preservation of traditional methods. But as far asempowerment goes, there is no difference. Although many believe that the power lies in the sacred agkhara lettering, this is really a fallacy. The only way to empower an amulet or yant tattoo is if themaster blessing it has attained fourth jhana and developed the kasina mastery of elemental power.

    Mostmasters use Kasin Fai (fire element) to empower the amulets.
    I myself use Prana (airelement/breath) which is not somuch related to occult power, rather towards metta and healing as well as purification of negativity.

    I do not use animist or occult Kata, only Sutras and prayers from the Bhuddhist Canon.

    I dont do Kumarn Tong etc, specific love charms or for riches.
    I will do protection,metta, etc

    The only rules necessary for wearing is to try your utmost to keep the 5 precepts asmuch as possible and to make merit by practicing generosity and giving alms to monks or people in need.

    Ajarn Thoy will be visiting me this year to learn how to makemachine tattoos and i shall be training him in hygiene methods..perhaps then he will make his samnak an authentically hygienic place to get sak yant.

    As to whether i can bless a sak yant or not.

    My training in sak yant tattooing,and meditation is no less than that of most practitioners of sak yant.
    i have 10 years behind me learning this and 20 years as a Buddhist.. the last 5 of which have consisted of intensive training. Only the amount if time using a hand tattooing stick is not yet enough to call myself a technical master, which is why i still prefer machine too

  7. Tattoo is hot favourite in young generation.. It expresses about person’s character.
    Spencer your work is superb………..

  8. Tattoo is hot favourite in young generation.. It expresses about person’s character.
    Spencer your work is superb………..

  9. spencer? are you the crazy english guy i worked with, 10 years ago in kho pangan/haadrin/chickencorner/neds somewhere else tattoo??
    i am boris from germany. i will come to thailand with stella and my 2 kids at december 8th. we will go to kho chang. fuck, lets meet, good old friend.
    looking forward to here from you.

    take care an all the best


    • Haha yes i am indeed that crazy guy who used to live on Koh Pangan many many years ago and i still have the devil hanya tattoo from you

  10. Namo Buddhaya!

    Hey Spencer,

    I was wondering if there were special tips to put onto the large handle of the Sak Yant needle. I have heard that there are bamboo tips to go in the space of the handle tip, and also heard that the tip of the handle is used. A Friends brought me back this handle from Thailand but no tips. I am going to practice on pig skin for a while. Any help?


  11. Hi Spencer, i’ve been lloking to geet this tattoo done on my visit to Thailand in April. The piece means alot to me and your work looks amazing.
    I will be in Krabi on the 16th until the 24th if you would do me the honour of tattooing me.
    Many thanks, Ronan

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