Thai tattoo designs

I have developed an affinity and passion for Thai traditional mythological imagery and the realated artforms involved. In particular sacred yantra, Khmer Sanskrit sacred lettering and “Lai Thai” design as applied in interpretations of designing deities and characters from Thai Mythology such as the “Ramakian” (Thai Ramayana)
Tattoos by Spencer
(I also am recounting the tale of Thai Ramakian legends on the above link on one of my many Thai Culture and Buddhism related websites, which is another of my activities)

Here are some of my designs which i adapted for more effect as on the human skin when tattooed (use of power lines instead of thin scratchy lines)


5 Responses to “Thai tattoo designs”

  1. […] Thai tattoo Designs by Spencer Littlewood […]

  2. hi spencer, maybe you remember me. i’m the irish guy you visited in ban pong after we met in wat bang phra. i have started to go back to the temple once a week. let me know what you are up to.

  3. Hi Mac
    im on Koh Lanta

  4. Hi Spencer!

    Are you familiar with anywhere online I could find inspirations for a thai-inspired flower, leaf, fan design I am looking for to tattoo on the side of my wrist? I would like something to put under/with some thai lettering. Or is there a site that has the khmer or pali script with translations to english? Maybe I could use the little symbols used to the left and right of text I’ve seen, not sure what they are called…

    Also, will your book be published? I am interesting in having a copy to keep.

    Thank you!

    • hi sorry for late reply – we already chatted on facebook already,
      The book can be given to a printer and printed or you can print it yourself on a4 at home.
      Its in printable format

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