Studio Location

My Studio Location
In the moment there are three locations planned; the first location is already open at Emerald resort on Klong Khong Bay,Koh Lanta Yai island, Krabi.

The adresses, artist names and contact numbers for each studio will appear on this page as they are opened. I myself am present at the Ting Tong Studio most days, and can also be reached on mobile 0886799251

Ting Tong Tattoo Studio

Ting Tong Bar at the Lanta Emerald

Ting Tong studio is  a small workstation set up within the premises of the Ting Tong bar on Klong Khong bay, Koh Lanta Yai. You can rent a bungalow there and enjoy a great time whilst getting your custom tattoos made. You can’t get muchmore personal service than that.. you don’t even have to leave the resort to get your tattoo. You can ask me to do your tattoo in your bungalow for more privacy if you wish too. Ting Tong bar is one of the most popular places to hang out on Koh Lanta, with a great atmosphere and nice people running the place, who always give you that family feeling.  There is even somelive musicon many evenings, where the owner Toffee gets up with friends and plays some tunes. Music ranges from reggae through acoustic to chill-out

Ting Tong Tattoo Studio

@ Ting Tong bar

Lanta Emerald Bungalow

154 Moo 2 Saladan, Koh Lanta,

Krabi 81150 Thailand

Ting Tong Bar Facebook Page

Ramakian Tattoo Studio

Ramakian Tattoo will be my main studio of residence and shall also be on Koh Lanta Yai island – the studio location and pics will be added soon. In addition to myself appearing, there will also be appearances by Ajarn Thoy for sak yant tattoos (appointment only) aswell as some other masters from time to time

Ramakian Tattoo
Coming Soon….

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