Back to Thailand

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I am now in the process of moving back to the South of Thailand to open a new business. As usual i shall also be making some custom tattoos by appointment only. I shall reveal the whereabouts of my new location soon (perhaps by mid march). The shop will also have Buddhist amulets which can be rented if the amulet fits your needs and i feel like letting it go. I shall also be selling some really cool handmade Thai Ethnic stuff (which i wont reveal yet what it is). Once i am settled i hope to start a small monthly meditation and Vipassana class along with some Monks and other Ajarns whom i shall invite to help with teachings every now and then. Aso will be recieveing Ajarn Thoy sometimes to make sak yant tattoos by appointment.

Ill update this info as soon as the time is right.

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~ by Ajarn Spencer on February 1, 2010.

One Response to “Back to Thailand”

  1. Nice to hear you are going back to Thailand still going to try and meet up some how somwere i will try and find out before we come in endo of March begginig of April all the best mate .. Martin

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