Sak Yant tattoos


This page is the first gallery of sak yant tattoos i am making in singapore. I shall be adding designs and fotos of tattoos as i am able to fottograph the odd one and post it here. All the fotos of sak yant made by me are the intellectual property of the artist and the wearer (meaning of me and the person i made it for).
This means you should not copy the design as i do not normally make the same design repeatedly, rather work by appointment only and design an original design for each and every person, and do not repeat the same dsign twice. This does not mean however that; if someone got Hanuman, then you cant have one.. no of course it does not mean that. What i mean is that the position or the design and coloring – yes i said coloring – my style of  sak yant tattoos are not made with spots and dots, although i can if you wish to.. they are made with continuous lines and with shadings and/or coloring. All tattoos are made with untrasonic cleaning and autoclave sterilisation, even though i use single use material, gloves and one use needles, i still pack and sterilise all equipment beforehand.

The gallery begins here with the first fotos of sak yant tattooed in Singapore


1. Majchanu; This is majchanu, son of Hanuman and Nang Suwannamajchaa (mermaid lady). Made in multicolor, this is a little smaller than i normally like to make, for deteails in color are normally better the bigger the tattoo is. But still in this size iot is possible to acheive a decent effect as far as shaded colors and tonal transitions are concerned. In larger size, i would play with the contours, using power lines to make thicker and thinner lines, which gives more contrast and dimension to the design.
Thisdesign is about the size of the palm of your hand


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