I learned to tattoo at Fantasy Tattoo Berlin Germany in 1991.
later went on Asian tour and tattooed travelling in India, Nepal and Thailand, then returned to Berlin for 2 years, where i spent most time either at fantasy tattoo or travelling on international conventions, e.g. Berlin, Barcelona, Montreal (Canada), Bologna, Paris and Amsterdam. Whilst in Montreal i worked on the Sherwood Bike show, and worked a while in keith Stewart’s tattoo studio (Keith is the organizer of Montreal tattoo convention).
After 1994 i moved to Barcelona , where i remained for many years tattooing in a multitude of shops around Barcelona and spain over the years; eg. Barna Tattoo, Can Can Tattoo, Front,Voodoo tattoo, Mon Magic (Salou), Itaca Tattoo (tarragona), Mao y Cathy (Madrid), Rose Tattoo (Benidorm), and various others too.
Then i moved to Thailand in 1998 where i opened shop on Koh Pangan island with artist net Wong, later moving to Koh Lanta island and finally ending up in Bangkok where i worked with various shops over the time such as Jimmy Wong, Ajarn Jeab and Ek tattoo supplies and studio. Other places where i have worked for time is Basel Tattoo Studio Switzerland, also in several provinces of Germany in small rural shops. I also appeared as guest artist at tiki monkey tattoos in Edinburgh Scotland for the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe festival.
To tell the truth there are a lot more places where i visited and tattooed for short periods but i simply cant remember them all. I took a rest the last 3 years so i could concentrate more on my studies of Sak yant tattooing methods in Thailand, this is something i have been studying since the last 8 years under the tutelage of the Monk Luang Pi Pant and the Ruesi Ajarn Thoy Dabos. I can also offer sak yant tattoo designs which are made using sacred Buddhist yantras with ancient Khmer Sanskrit lettering around and within them. The then have a Kata (mantra prayer) blown into them at the end.
In addition to learning sak yant i also studied and practised amulet making myself. I have till now learned to make Tagrud and cement amulets. I made the bullet tagruds and tagrud tone belt amulets for Ajarn Thoy’s 2008 wai kroo ceremony. In 2009 i was ordained as a Buddhist monk and spent some time on wandering from temple to temple and practising meditation in the forest too (called Tudong in Thai). I also pursued my further studies in amulet making

Magazine reviews;

I have had reviews in German Taetowier Magazin (twice) and Spanish Tatu Arte apart from this, through my work in the field of sak yant and having been hired to guide people, including journalists and tv channels to document sak yant magical arts, i have been featured in various magazines, such as world muay Thai, Tiger airlines inflight magazine, and a book by the Anthropologist Marlene Guerlaine, called “Thailand, Spirits among us”, which is a book about Thai animism
I could definitely call myself a travelling tattoo artist, but these days am more of a homebird and also have a gf here who is pregnant with our baby son, and we are soon to be married in Singapore, so i plan to be here for a long time.

You can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore) if you wish to make an appointment, comission a design or get a price quote for a tattoo.


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