Rules of Sak yant

Rules and Recommendations;

Every Ajarn has rules for people who wear the Yant he tattoos. I personally don’t force anyone, but do have my thoughts and recommendations about how to behave and not behave if you wish your Yant to remain sacred and work in a beneficial way for you.

I am different to quite a few Ajarn in the sense that i believe that the prime reason for getting a Yant should not be for a selfish one, rather that it should be because one wishes the yant to assist oneself in becoming a better person. Although it is true that yant might bring you the blessings of protection from harm and strength to prevail against enemies, in the End yant are designs which contain sacred Buddhist prayers and excerpts from the Suttas of Tripitaka. Considering this, it should be seen that one should not go for the goal of getting rich or being invincible.. those are blessings wich come from goodness and selflessness, coupled with generosity and loving kindness. For a Yant Metta to work, wor example, you must have Metta towards other living beings. If you have Yant Metta, and then go about being cruel to others, then how will the Devas protect you? How will people feel that they like you?

In the case of Sariga Lin Tong for example (golden tongued paradise bird yant magic) – the way to make the Yant work is to speak kindly and sweetly to others, and then the yant will help your kind words to have weight and credibility. But if you break the precept (one of five minimum for all practicing Buddhists) of Lying, and use your lies to decieve and trick people for business, then you shall not reap the benefits of the power of metta Mahaniyom- Maha Saneh (charm and preference) – you get what you give and should give what you get.. Magick is always like a mirror, Karma is real, and throws back at you what you throw at the world. The  Buddha said that there is nothing in all the dimensions of space and time (the world) that does not come from your mind. This means that even the room you are sitting in is not being seen;  You are seeing a holographic synthesised image of the light beams translated by your eyes to your brain, and your brain then constructs an image of what is outside, for you to see in your  “mind’s eye”. This means you are seeing but a reflection. So is the Magick – like a mirror, reflecting your own attitude back at you. If you see bad in the world then the world is bad, if you see good in the world then all is sunny and fine.

Don’t think Bad thoughts – Think Good thoughts!

Tam Dee Dai Dee Tam Chua Dai Chua (do good get good – do evil get evil)

Try your best to keep the five precepts; Do not kill, do not steal ,do not desire another persons lover or spouse or be unfaithful to your own, do not lie, and do not consume intoxicantsdo not be greedy and excessive; don’t at least get intoxicated – this means that a glass of wine at dinner wont make you behave out of character.. you must know what is your limit, do not be of the addictive personality.. you can get drunk on coffee if you go too far.. so this is included meaning , for it is harmful to yourself and cultivates the kilesas – kilesas are the craving thoughts which make us selfish and cause us to ever be reborn in suffering realms of impermanent existences. Kong Grapan invincibility yantra will protect he who is of pure heart and not prepared to harm others. This is part of the criteria of the Sacred Yantra. Do not think that you can obtain protection in order to go out and harm other beings, for the  Deities shall surely not support you in such a case. Such an assumption belongs to the foolish and ignorant.

Do not fight with devotees of the same ajarn, or of another ajarn – for all ajarn teach and promote good kind behaviour and loving kindness and to not harm others.

That is all as far as rules go in my book.


Not rules, but recommended for prosperity and happiness:

noble 8 fold path

Try to practise meditation, both of the Samatha (concentration) variety, and Vipassana (Mindfulness) types of Meditation. Say Morning or Evening Prayers in Pali at least once a week, and if you have the translation in english (or your language), then chant each paragraph once in each language, paragraph per paragraph. Read at least one book on dhamma per year, and finish it. Study and practise the Eightfold Path of the Buddha Sakyamuni. Think about the Four Noble Truths once a day at least. If you enjoy these things, then practise Jhana meditation too, for with Vipassana and Samatha alone you cannot attain Nirvana – only with Jhana is thins possible, for Nirvana lies on the far shore beyond the fourth level of fourth jhana (sometimes called eighth jhana, or nevasanyasanyayatana).

If possible make offerings to the Buddhist Monks once in a while – you dont have to go every day, but when saying prayers before sleeping then you can place a few coins or money in a small container every day and then go give it all on the day you visit the temple. if you live in a country where the monks can go on alms round, the best is not to give money, but to go and wait for them in the morning when they pass on alms round, and offer food and drink to them. This is one way to increment the power of your blessings and to gain much merit for both this life, and your next life.


Spencer Littlewood

If you wish to research more knowledge about Buddhism, try the following links to sites i created for the purpose of making Buddhism and Buddhist meditation methods more accessible to the Modern day lifestyle.

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8 Responses to “Rules of Sak yant”

  1. Help me please, i would like to know the name of “Sakyant” equipement?

  2. พระยันต์ประเจียดเปล่งรัศมี i was wondering what does this tattoo mean?

  3. sak yant stick is called “Mai Sak”.. but there are also other terms.
    IN my ebook i talk about all the different kinds of equipment

  4. this yant prajao pleng rasmi is metta and protective and was designed for inscription on yant cloth
    some masters would tattoo it some wont
    because some lineages say you cannot tattoo an image of Buddha.
    Round yant is both the lotus and the face of Buddha/Brahma
    pleng rasmi means “to emit an aura of light”
    so prajao pleng rasmimeans “Yant of the Buddha radiating an aura of light”
    it was one of the miracles that the Buddha was witnessed to have performed.

  5. Wadee ka Khun Spencer

    i read that we can buy new Mai Sak (or its needle tips..?) from you… and only Ajarn Thoy is willing to use new needles/Mai Sak that we bring …? So if i buy from you and go to Wat Bra Phang, the monks would not use my self-brought needles..?

    Kop khun ka
    Nong Jes

    • in the moment i cant get anyone to use sterile needles except myself and i dont have much time for tattooing right now
      its risk it or not im afraid

  6. I have been trying to figure out how to make mai sak, although i would rather have sacred text done my monk. please contact me if you have any recommendations or advice,also if you know anyone in new york with this ability. thank you

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