New Tattoo designs added

I just added a few more of my sketches of Thai Mythological tattoo designs to the design portfolio page.
You should return again soon as i shall be posting new designs within a week or so as well as fotos of the first tattoos i have been making in Singapore. This week i get to tattoo hanuman and Majchanu in color with Khmer Agkara letterings and they will be interpreted in a mix of modern and traditional – the result will be impressive aesthetically but with powerful traditional Khmer sanskrit Katas around them and will recieve chanting to empower them.

Here is the link to visit the page with new designs.

Thai tattoo Designs by Spencer Littlewood

Thai Mythological tattoos by spencer Littlewood


~ by Ajarn Spencer on August 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “New Tattoo designs added”

  1. Beautiful works. Looking at yant hanuman tattoo, it’s a nice piece of work. So colourful I would love to have this tatoo on my back.

  2. Thanks for the compliment.. i shall be adding lots more designs soon too, also new fotos of my work i have been doing here in Singapore, including two tattoos i did this week of Majchanu and Hanuman in color

  3. HI
    i would like to know what are your rules for sak-yant ? As i know that different masters have different rules. U should list yours. I am really interested to know the rules. I am considering of getting yant hanuman that you’ve done…I can’t stop looking at it …

  4. good idea thanks for this feedback.. sometimes we forget what the person on the recieving end wishes and needs to know.
    I shalln post a page on the navbar about this matter as i see it and what i hold for important for wearing sak yant.

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